ELLIOT KAY, author: "I am INCREDIBLY happy! I love everything I've heard. You were wonderful to work with and you did a wonderful job. I've gotten more than a few emails and blog comments asking where I found you and where people can find more of your work."

MEGAN BRYCE, author: "It's just perfect, I love it! So fantastic, so funny."

CEBELIUS, author: “I am privileged that you agreed to work on this with me. I have a LOT of fans who've already read this story waiting with baited breath to get the audio so they can hear YOU bring it to life. Thank you.”

ADRIENNE LECTER, author: “I loved every minute of it!”


"I bought this book because of Tess Irondale. Her performance is great as always."

"I love Tess!"

"Tess Irondale nails it again. Fantastic narration."

"Tess Irondale does a great job."

"I could listen to her read anything."

"Did a great job bringing the story to life."

"Her voice-acting was first-rate."


"I would love to listen to her talk all day. Well played."

"Brings a seductive voice. Makes you feel like she's in the room with you."

"Amazing narrator!"

"I love Tess Irondale, she's now one of my favorite narrators. She has a sweet, silky voice."

"Ms. Irondale's commitment to the performance is brilliant."

"Tess Irondale brought the book to a new level."

"Amazing performance."

"Tess Irondale really brings all the characters to life."

"One of the best!"

"I'll listen to anything she reads."

"A great range of accents, her intonation was awesome and brought the story to life."

"Per usual, Tess Irondale nailed the narration."

"Tess Irondale does a marvelous job breathing life into the story."

"Fantastic delivery. Easily one of my favorite narrators now."

"Tess did a super job on all the characters."

"I am very impressed with her performance."

"She did a superb job...she has definitely become one of my favorites."

"Brings the characters to life."

"Oh man. Tess Irondale's voice. I think she could read a dictionary and I'd find it stimulating."

"Oh my god. If you were looking for audible porn this woman has you covered."

"The performance by Tess Irondale is spot on."

"Very VERY well done. Tess Irondale really hit the nail on the head with this one."

"She is literally my favorite narrator. Period."

"Tess Irondale kills the narration (in a good way)! She does an amazing job, and you sometimes get the feeling that she isn't just playing or reading a character, you feel like she actually is Samantha."

"Tess irondale was awesome as always, one of my favorite narrators, can't wait too see what happens in the next book"

“For starters, I could listen to Tess read the phonebook.”